Guess what I got you for Christmas? We’re Having a Baby!

Shower water running, The Husband was just about to step in when I told him, “hey look at that thing on the counter”.  He picked it up, looked at it, set it back down, then got in the shower.  A beat passes and then he starts yelling over the running shower….. “What does that mean? What is 2 lines? Is that good?”  I sit giggling on the bed, “I think so, I mean I just bought it at the grocery store so who knows.”

With it near the end of the year, and right before Christmas, doctors were pretty booked up, but by the 4th office I called (only one of which said congratulations… mental note) I found someone who could see me before we left town.  This office was connected to the hospital and they seemed to have a very precise system of getting as many people in and out, in the most efficient manor possible.  The nurse practitioner gave me the standard pamphlets and information about 2 servings of fish a week, no unpasteurized juices or cheese, and to limit caffeine to 200mg a day.  She asked if I had any questions, and then guided me towards the front 5 desks where one of the receptionists would set up all my appointments from now until the baby was born.  Wait a minute, I don’t even know if this is where I’ll have the baby yet!  (In fact I would see 4 doctors, in 3 different states throughout this pregnancy)  The classic pee in the cup test showed the pregnancy was on, but so did my home test, I wanted some real proof.  

If you don’t ask, it doesn’t happen.  A standard that you’ll notice, will come out in your favor more times then you think.  

I asked the nurse if there was anyway a doctor could see me today.  Not usually, she said, but let me check.  She worked some magic with one of the receptionists and I was taken back to the ultrasound room, where a nervous student handed me a gown and asked me a list of questions I had already gone over with the nurse, but it didn’t bother me, I was about to find out if this was all real.

The student, doctor, and another nurse gather around as the lights are dimmed to better see the screen.  Confirmed.  8 weeks, it’s a baby!  Hearing the heart beat unexpectedly surprised me, and I laughed out loud as a simultaneous flood of emotion streamed tears down my face.  The doctor says I can video the screen to show my husband if I would like to.  They are all smiling at me and I feel a little bit silly that the tears won’t stop, but I soon notice that’s something I’ll get used to, as this wouldn’t be the first time.


It’s one of those rare major life moments, that you just can’t quite fully imagine or understand until you’re in it

So, how did it go?  “Good”, I answered simply, holding on to the anticipation in the air.  I hand him the phone and press play to the wondrous underwater sound of a whooshing thump. “That’s your baby’s heartbeat.”

We both started laughing and crying, staring at the iPhone in awe, we play it again, and again, looking right at the very real proof a little one is there, but still not fully believing it’s real.

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