Vanlife Log: Popsicle Pit Stops for Summer Travel

Somewhere in between nowhere, we pull off the road to briefly expand our living space. Lively hot air swirls around us in a sticky breeze.  This is just one of many popsicle pit stops that we will take on the journey.

The Husband lifts Baby to the sky.  Kicking and giggling, she flys. I wonder if she knows how unordinary her days are. 

I can’t believe we are taking this route again, in summer, without real AC.  Just a DIY ice chest AC that The Husband constructed of a fan, ice chest, and ice.  It works fine as long as you are directly in the flow of air.  At least Baby can stay cool.  

In between popsicle pit stops, we cruise on down the hot road.

Baby eating popsicle on a popsicle pit stops
The last time we took this trip was suppose to be the last, but here we are in 110 degree heat. The van creeping uphill on the 10, with the heater blasting to cool the engine down.  We call this The Detox Route.  Sweating and pounding extreme amounts of water on this long stretch of road. There must be some health benefit to it.  At least, that’s what we tell ourselves.  The pup drinks straight ice, as it melts nearly as quick as I pour it in her bowl.

Dog drinks popsicle ice water
Looking out the side mirror, the road behind us is full of cactus and dirt.  It’s 7:30 and the all powerful sun has finally retired to its lair. Thankfully taking its extreme raging rays of heat down with it.  But only untill tomorrow, when it will appear again, fully charged in all its baking glory. 

Nonsense as it all may seem, the adventure always outweighs the challenges.  Adventure is, after all, why we live.

Thanks for following along on our scenic route!  We are stoked to have you.  As always, feel free to pin any of these pictures to your Pinterest!

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