Vanlife Log: Woodfire Pizza and Parking Lot Slumber

80 days of this travel lifestyle on the road.  The day is warm and the night is young.  It’s the weekend, and the world is ours to go out and get.  We go out to Home Depot.  Very few days are the same, and we almost never know where we will end up.  We drove for most of today, and then ended up spending the night at a lovely wood fire pizza restaurant, and enjoying some complementary parking lot slumber. 

A few L-brackets, and Lysol wipes later, and it’s a full friday funday here in the van. The Husband pulls out his tool box to finish up a few minor improvements.  I let the pup out to wander near some trees, and water the grass.  Then Baby and I go inside to explore the many colors of pillows, and climb on all the patio furniture.

We’ve owned the van for 3 years now, and I suspect that the build out will never truly be done.  It is a real tiny home, and we come up with new ideas in functionality all the time.

In route to the beaches of Southern California, we pass through Los Olivos. We’ve taken this route before.  This exit and one quick left turn ahead, will lead us to a pretty string of lights, frosty Hoppy Poppy beers, and farm-to-table wood fire pizza. 

Full of Life Flatbread
225 W Bell St, Los Alamos, CA 93440
(805) 344-4400
The soup is a chilled cucumber gazpacho. Tonight’s special flatbread is a roasted black kale and artichoke, with garlic, and fresh greens on top.  The kale is tossed in a flavorful oil and roasted to a decadence that could be compared to that of a rich chocolate.  From previous visits we’ve learned to always order the special, whatever it is. Regardless if it sounds good or not, it will be good.

Baby falls asleep just as we pull up to the front.  I put on my turquoise wedges (gotta make sure they still fit every now and then) and throw a swaddle blanket over our sleeping baby’s car seat.  Carefully carrying her into the restaurant and set her beneath the table.  We’ll pretend to be on a date above the table, while she stays in slumberland beneath.

A few beers, pizza, and a toasted marshmallow brownie ala mode later, and we walk back out into the night.  

The air, now cooled into the 70s.  It’s perfect ‘sleeping in your van’ weather, and we will soon fall into a peaceful parking lot slumber.

This town is small,  with ample dirt parking.  We move the van further back in the parking lot, and turn off the engine next to a field of weeds.  We put up the black out shades, and slowly set Baby gently into her bed.  

Tomorrow we’ll see the ocean.  This will do for tonight.  

Xoxo Goodnight.

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