Sprinter Van Conversion Demo Day

We had a baby.  We also bought a used van.  The plan is to convert the van ourselves.  Then we’ll travel to beaches and mountains to surf, snowboard, and show baby snow and ocean, before she turns one.  This is our first baby.  This is our first Van.  We are figuring it all out as we go.  Today we are destroying stuff.  It’s van conversion demo day.

If your van came with sweet linoleum flooring like ours did (yeah), the first step is to tear that junk out.  Preferably in your front yard, so as to give the neighbors something to talk about.  This is the suburbs here, our street could always use a little more lawn party.  Why, yes, that is my dog in the front yard playing in a $5 walmart kiddie pool.  

Van conversion demo flooring
Van conversion demo interior walls
After a full inside outside sanitization wash down, we unscrewed the sidewalls, cut up the flooring and ripped it out. That new car smell is near!  Just be sure to save everything, you never know what you may be able to repurpose.

Van Conversion Step 1: Demolition
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  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Crow bar/ Iron pipe
  • Muscle (your own or borrowed)


  1. Unscrew sidewall interior planks and pull out of van
  2. Cut up old flooring, careful not to cut through actual van floor!
  3. Using a crow bar and/ or iron pipe for leverage, pull up flooring and rip that junk out


repiece the flooring together in your garage, or other flat surface, and save as a template for your new flooring

Sprinter Van Conversion demo inside

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