7 Cheap Hot Showers for Travelers and Vanlifers

As somewhat of a permanent road tripper, we frequently find ourselves venturing into unfamiliar territory.  I have sensitive skin and skipping a daily shower has never been an option.  Whether it’s a lake, river, or a simple water bottle parking lot shower , I must be clean.  On our first big road adventure, we had little knowledge of life on the road.  It was just us, the Pup, and a simply diy carpet kit with a sleeping bag in the back of a pick-up truck.  Fast forward 4 years, and we have discovered many useful travel tips.  One being, that acquiring cheap hot showers on the road, is actually a fairly easy amenity to find.  

Here are a few cheap hot showers that we use, when traveling in the van.

Cheap hot showers list for travelers and vanlifers

7 Cheap Hot Showers for Travelers and Vanlifers

7. $12-15 Truck Stop Showers

No class C license required! Truck stops, not only offer several gas pumps and a unique knick-knack shopping experience, they also feature hot showers.  I would also like to note, the cost is per shower not per person.  Bring the whole family!  A perfect option for all the “in-between land” stretches of road.

6.  $5-15 Casinos with RV Park 

Like Rolling Hills Casino and RV Park in Corning, CA, many casinos offer RV accommodations in addition to a hotel.  Typically, the luxury of a shower is available to any one passing through.

5. $1-10 Public Campgrounds

In many parks, the indoor showers require quarters.  The going rate is about $0.50 for 3 min of hot water.  In Colorado, this KOA offers shower access to non-campers for $10.    

4. $0-20 Hot Springs

Many novelty hot springs (where there is a fee to enter) include additional amenities.  This Hot Springs in Bozeman MT, actually included 9 Pools, a full gym, snack bar, and a campground!  A full day pass was just $8.  This Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, CO and this one in Ouray, CO both have multiple pools, and full changing rooms with showers.

3. $2-6 Public Pools 

Not to shower in of course (haha), but public pools almost always have changing rooms, with showers.  This spring fed pool in Austin, TX is over 3 acres and around 900 ft long.  It has a natural rock bottom like a spring, but cement siding like a pool.  There is a beautiful open air bathroom and shower area. Entry is just $1-$3.

#2  $1.59 per day Thousand Trails Campground Membership

This option is awesome if you are traveling near these campgrounds.  Our travels include exploring much of Oregon, and Thousand Trails offers a handful of campgrounds along the coast, and the mountains.  The membership includes 2 weeks on/ 1 week off of camping, and unlimited day passes for $575 per year.

And our #1 spot to find Cheap Hot Showers is…..


1. $0 The Beach

If you are near the ocean, specifically a known surf spot, there is usually a rinse off shower hiding around there somewhere.  In Pacific City, OR at the popular Cape Kiwanda, there is a hot shower located on the backside wall of the Pelican Brewery.  Take a moment to people watch, and explore your surroundings.  You’ll find it.  This beach also has a view of Haystack rock, and our favorite Thousand Trails Campground is just up the road.

Or you can always opt for a nice ice bucket shower, like this photo below from our sweat dripping trip through Phoenix in August, with only a diy ice chest AC to keep us cool. Whew!

Cheap hot showers

And that’s the list! Did I miss any? Please share them with us in the comments. Oh, and feel free to pin this post to your Pinterest!

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