Vanlife, moving to the beach!

Vagabonding. There is never a plan per say, but you know when it’s time to move on, and that time is now, so “To the Beach!”  Beach camping with baby, dog, and a half built van full of boxes, baby gear, parts, wood, 40″ TV and a vacuum the husband won from work (thanks guys, maybe a gift card next time?), 4 surf boards, 1 boogie, 2 snowboards, a human size duffle of snowboard gear, and the kitchen sink… literally. It’s in a box, haven’t installed it into the counter yet. Parts, tools, and cuts of leftover wood; here’s what this go’rounds pack up and move nonsense looked like below.  packing the van  
 packing the sprinter 
Pulling up to the beach in the dark, I had no idea how we were going to get to the bed, but luckily The Husband is a genius, and brought us a tent (that is now refered to as the storage shed) so we can move things in and out of the van to make it livable while working on it.    

Here’s the current set up now, even got the start to a little kitchen!  

sprinter van conversionYeah, it’s a bit ridiculous, but the sun is shinning, the air is salty, and the baby is sleeping, so all is right for now.  Happy Beach Day everyone! hobsons beach park 

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