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As the seasons started to shift, the ocean turned a bit brisk for what a 3:2 wetsuit comfortably supports, and our mail hold extension was nearing the point of possibly being returned to sender, it was decided to take a brief regrouping back home.  The weeds creeped above the fence line, prepping our house nicely for Halloween.  The puppy’s kiddy pool was filled with some of the rains the home had seen in our absence.  But other than that, our stationary suburban life was very much the same as we had left it.

Looks like it’s all still here.

Great, now we got that out of our system.  By mid December, the luxuries we thought we had missed quickly felt stagnant.  Average life routine sank in, leaving us somewhat uninspired.  The big screen TV, double door fridge, indoor shower, separate living room, and king sized bed, no longer seemed important.  

We were craving that thrill of change.  We’d seen a glimpse of adventure, and it was calling us back.   

A season in the snow, seemed like a good adventure.  We purchased 2 Mt Hood, OR snowboard Fusion Passes for Ski Bowl and Timberline, with the idea of being able to work from a wifi connection during the day, and then snowboard evenings and weekends.  Since Ski Bowl is the largest night riding resort in the United States, and Timberline is where Olympic teams practice year round, there would most definitely be snow, and no lack of snowboard options.  On our way out of Oregon, a few months prior, we had discovered Thousand Trails campground memberships, which is when the whole idea began turning into reality.  For $425 we could have a place to live in the mountains for an entire year, well a place to put a home… as long as you BYOH (brought your own house).

So we needed a house.

The truck camper may not be insulated enough for an entire snow season with us and the pup, so we took advantage of the Texas craigslist (everything is cheaper here) and threw our savings into a sweet, lightly used, 18ft Ultra Lightweight Heartland Edge travel trailer to begin “Life on in The Edge”.

Activity, jobs, housing; check!  Bring on the snow season.

Packing all week (its amazing how much cupboard space this thing has!) we were just about ready to go, and then some new information came into play.  


Hey hun, guess what you got me for Christmas?  

A slight pause, but we ultimately decided this could only add to the adventure.  There was still time to get some snowboarding done, but this news definitely added a time crunch to our travels, and we needed to get on the road.   

MT Hood Timberline snow in Oregon

Driving with the Trailer to CA

3 Months Pregnant Yoga

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