Sweet Potato and Beet purée 

So many fruits and veggie options, and nearly all of them can be puréed!  We just started experimenting beyond the rice cereal stage, and are jumping into the fun of baby purées with little Fyn.  Everything blends to the prettiest colors, and it’s so enjoyable to watch her little face take in all these first bites.  Curious big eyes, a nose crinkle, happy hands, all sorts of new excitement  beams through her with each tiny spoonful.  

Most pediatricians, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommend introducing solid foods around 4 to 6 months when they can hold their head up all by themselves, and sit with a bit of support.  Up until now, they have depended on the tongue-thrust reflex for suckling all their nutrients from milk, which is why their little tounges seem to push out about 90% of each spoonful of solid foods in the beginning.  

Besides the fact that they leave everything they touch a nice bright shade of magenta, beets are fairly easy to work with.  When buying fresh, the smaller ones seem to turn out better.  Simply remove the stems, peel, cut in halves and steam or boil them until nicely tender.  I used Love Beets in this purée, which I found when trying a few Hello Fresh boxes (prepped meals with recipes) on a groupon.  Love Beets are pre-cooked organic beets, vacuum sealed for freshness without the use of preservatives.  They were incredibly tasty, so I was excited to find them among the produce isles at the grocery when passing through Ventura County last month.  

This Sweet Potato and Beet purée is a favorite so far on Fyn’s baby food list.  Looks like sherbet ice cream, right?  And it doesn’t just have to be for baby.  We discovered this blend actually makes a pretty tasty side dish for us too!  


2 cooked organic Love Beets or raw beets
1 Sweet Potato 
Optional; Splash of apple juice or water


  1. Peel, cut into 4ths, and boil the sweet potato until tender
  2. (If using raw beets) peel, cut in halves, steam or boil until tender
  3. (If using LoveBeets) ummm…they’re done! Just take them out of the package
  4. Blend beets and sweet potato into a purée, add a splash of water or apple juice if needed for easier blending


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