The Red Truck Camper

Free Spirit Adventuring [verb]; to continually seek the next new paradise, with no plan or exact destination in mind, but rather the experience of the adventure itself, for none other than the thrill of change and discovery of the unknown 

The feel of being on the edge of discovering something new, living minimalistic for the experience instead of the stuff, this is where “good” is.  This is the Adventure we seek.

Friday, my husband’s corporate Bob job gave him the (unbelievable) final ok to work 100% from home; we left on Tuesday. Truck packed with a tent, air mattress, 2 pillows, a backpack each, a 3 ton car jack in case of the unknown, 5 gallons of water, and the dog; 1am we slipped out of our suburban neighborhood and headed towards the West Coast. Check engine light on and a new continual ting-tang-ting sounded from under the hood, but some of the biggest waves to hit SoCal in decades were coming in from Hurricane Marie, and we had been without a good burrito and ocean view for long enough.

The tentative plan was 2 weeks, maybe 3, but after a month of wandering, we had a thought; if we can travel while spending no more than we normally do (and as long as there’s wifi), then technically, per se, we wouldn’t necessarily ever have to go home.

It’s been 22 36 41 57 64 days since we left home on this adventure. Surfing friends and family’s couches, and camping out in the truck from Austin to San Diego to Ventura & Santa Barbara, from Pismo Beach & Paso Robles, to Cambria, San Simeon and Big Sur, to San Francisco, Ocean Beach, the Bay area, and Solano county, through Trinity River, Yreka and along the Oregon Umpqua river, to the Oregon Coast of Lincoln City, Yachats, Waldport and Pacific City, to Portland, Sandy, MT Hood, and Hood River, to Bend and back down to the North Eastern-est part of CA in Canby and Alturas…….

[Disclaimer] I was never great at English but I love to write, so if you see some words you do not recognize, it’s not you, it’s me, I may make them up. Let’s see if it catches on. 

On the road to California

DIY Carpet Kit Instructions for Camper

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