Cilantro Steak Wrap with Hummus

This cilantro steak wrap is a great left over recipe.  Spinach tortilla wrap, slathered with pine nut hummus and filled with leftover grilled steak, pico de gallo, string cheese and a generous helping of fresh cilantro.

It’s been a month of moving about on the road in our Converted Van now,and I’m finding a need for 3 things when preparing road recipes.

  1. little to no dishes
  2. little to no trash
  3. quick

..and they be delicious (of course) so, ok 4 things.  Typically we always save a little something from dinner, to add to a lunch creation for the next day.  This wrap I used two half sized paper towels to wrap the wraps, and one knife, and one paper plate to slice the steak.  Afterwards, I just wiped the knife with a little water on the paper towel & set it in the sun to sanitize.  Boom, dishes done.

Steak & Cilantro Wrap with Hummus
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Yield: 2

Perfect for quick lunch or camping fix! This minimal prep, no-cook wrap comes together with leftover grilled steak, fresh cilantro and healthy hummus.


  • 2 spinach tortilla wraps
  • 2 tablespoons hummus
  • 1/2 bunch fresh cilantro
  • Grilled Steak (from last nights dinner), sliced
  • Pico de Gallo, salsa, or fresh tomato
  • 2 individual string cheeses


  1. 1. Slather each wrap with hummus
  2. 2. 'String" the string cheese
  3. 3. Add all ingredients to the wraps
  4. 4. Fold bottom end up a little on the end, and roll into a burrito


Enjoy outside in the sunshine, preferably beach front

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