Sprinter Van Conversion pictures!

We are 4 months into our Sprinter Van conversion and it is starting to look pretty amazing, if I do say so.  Just a month after our little bundle arrived, we found our Sprinter, the dream-mobile for any true adventurer.  But with zero experience on converting a van, a great amount of time had to be put into research, prior to even beginning any actual physical labor .  Not to mention, we now had some precious cargo in tow and needed to make everything much more safe & secure then we would of done for just ourselves.  (The Husband litterally spent 3 days alone on just securing baby’s seat to the Van)

Since there doesn’t seem to be any paying positions for a couple, a baby and a dog to tinker around with their  own van conversion (super lame), all of this has been occurring on evenings and weekends after work, and inbetween bouncing, feeding, swaddling, and making silly faces at a newborn.

 Soooo, this process could go waay-hay quicker, if one had a little more free time, but we are just stoked to have got this much done so far.  It is awesome being able to customize a space completely the way you want!


sprinter van conversion
remove and destroy linoleum flooring…why was this here??
 sprinter van empty shell  

Clean empty sprinter van shell, post a little demolition

sprinter van cabin shell
removed floor mat and passenger seat to add a swivel chair

sprinter van insulation reflectix
first layer of insulation, reflectix everywhere
More on Insulating the van

sprinter van conversion ventilation
Fantastcic Fan, we’ve got ventilation
sprinter van insulation thinsulate
2nd layer of insulation with non-carcinogenic thinsulate

sprinter van conversion insulation
floor base and a 3rd layer of insulation sealed with Gorilla Tape
sprinter van coversion solar
three 100watt solar panels secured to the roof, enough power to run a Nespresso for all your cappuccino needs
sprinter van sunroof installation
hole cut for sunroof above the bed for evening stargazing, no turning back now!
sprinter van conversion bed frame
bed frame base fits around wheel wells, pieces of the original inside pastic walls were scrubed and cut to fit for the start of some under bed storage compartments

**Although this design did not work as well as we hoped, check out the remodel, so much better!

sprinter van conversion vinyl fooring
ceiling is covered with a plastic vapor barrier, thin cedar fence planks are screwed in to create studs for the siding, vinyl faux wood flooring is installed

sprinter van conversion lighting and walls
Ikea recessed lighting running off solar (it actually works?!), white cedar MDF wall pannels
sprinter van packing
not quite done but the adventure must begin, packed with just the necessities (clearly)

Packed with tools, parts, surf and snow and baby gear, we hit the road just before Christmas.  Who knew that 8 months later this nomadic adventure of exploration would still be our life…..

Complete cost to convert this Sprinter Van, plus a list of parts we used and where to buy them, all coming in the future!


  1. Tobin Gutermuth

    September 6, 2017 at 5:24 am

    What sun roof did you use?

  2. Tom Merchant

    January 29, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    keep me updated : )

  3. Tom Merchant

    January 29, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    Hey there,

    Got the same van a few months ago!
    So much new surf time with my friends and family. Love your conversion pics!

    1. Julie Ann

      May 19, 2016 at 5:36 pm

      Awesome! How’s the build out coming along? Are you doing it yourself?

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