Month 2 Postpartum Workout

Ehhhh… Back on the old horse.  The doc gave the clear to workout, and I meant to get right on that, but I’m exhausted and a postpartum workout is pretty much the last thing I feel like doing when I do get a few precious free moments.  But I gotta do it, even if its only 15 min, I know I’ll feel better after.

Start your day with success and build on it.  Might not get to a workout in the beginning of the day, but I can throw it in there somewhere, and at least feel like I’ve accomplished something.

But to stick with it, more then once a week, it’s got to be somewhat fun and something you like, at least a little.  So I like the water, which is great because there are 2 pools in the neighborhood and we live like 20 min from the lake.

But……. it’s getting cold.  Excuse 1

and……..the lake is not that close.  Excuse 2

and……. the pools just switched to short winter hours.  Excuse 3

and…….I can’t exactly take the baby swimming with me.  Excuse 4

Ok, I’m out of excuses.  Solution?

Walmart clearance above ground swimming pool, obviously. Problem solved!

Ground not level?  No problem, a truck bed full of sand is only $32!

clearing area for above ground pool
stuck in above ground pool

Backyard not big enough? No problem, just cut down part of your fence!

Stuck in the pool because you put the frame up from the inside, before building the latter? No problem, just duct tape a folded camp mat to the bottom of a tall chair and climb right out!

Water temp too cold and a pool heater too expensive? No problem, just wear your wetsuit!

Pool not long enough to paddle your surf board? No problem, just tie your leash to the frame and paddle in place!

paddling in above ground poolYep, just doing my workout.  Tuesdays arms and back….

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