Perfect Pour Over Coffee Review: Beacon Coffee Company

I love coffee.  No, I love good coffee, like a perfect pour over or a special half sweet local organic such and such house made latte.

We have acquired a real interest in finding good coffee on our travels. An interest in the form of a mild obsession.  An obsession that has me craving a good coffee on a daily basis.  

However, a truly good coffee that is made right, can be a bit of a treasure hunt.  Although, seeking that coffee gold, is part of the fun.  When we do find a perfect Pour Over coffee, it is all the more special.  We savor each sip to the very last drop.  

Traditionally, my coffee preference has revolved around the Latte.  An intensely fluffy, lightly flavored, possibly spiced, Latte.  Something along the lines of a Chili Chocolate, Honey & Cinnamon Stick, Lavender, or real Vanilla Bean & cardamom Latte.  

I did not do black coffee.  

While the idea of a Pour Over coffee seems to hold increasing popularity, it did not sound like something for me.  That was, until, I had a Pour Over coffee from Beacon Coffee Company at their roasting plant in Ventura.

Beacon Coffee Company
5777 Olivas Park Drive Suite R
Ventura, California 93003
805 248-7054

The coffee they source, ranks in the top 3% for quality, in the world.  Owners John and Jennifer Wheir spend several weeks per year visiting with their producers all over the world.  They make these trips to directly observe operations, and ensure that only the best, responsibly grown coffee will be given the Beacon name.  

Perfect pour over coffee Ventura ca

Beacon Coffee Company’s Pour Over coffee has a taste as pure and rich as butter….if butter were made from great coffee.

Passing a field of strawberries, we make a left into a business park.  Next to a small fitness facility and a brewery, sits one of Beacon’s two Coffee Company locations.  The menu is simple, making decisions easy.  Feeling like a kid in the candy store, I walk out with three delicious coffees; Lavender Latte, Chile Mocha and the Pour Over.  

This is the Pour Over coffee I was missing in my life.  A Pour Over that is as soft and weightless as highly filtered water, but holds the intensity of a perfectly crema topped espresso.  If closing your eyes, the smooth texture would suggest you’d be able to see right through the hot liquid.  Rich in chocolate notes, with the decadence of whipped butter.  This is real coffee perfection.  A delicate treat that is meant to be sipped, and enjoyed slowly.

Since last year, when we first discovered Beacon, I have sought to find another notable Pour Over coffee in our travels.  So far, it has been a road of disappointment.  And while I sit sipping those mediocre coffees, I will think of Beacon Coffee Company until our travels bring us back to Ventura, and this perfect Pour Over again.

What’s your favorite coffee place?  We are in route to new locations all the time, and would love to know what you know!  Please share your knowledge with us in the comments.

All thoughts are my own.  Although we welcome the opportunity to write sponsored posts, this is not a sponsored post.  We just love sharing amazing finds from our travels. ~ Julie Ann

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