Northern Nicaragua

In November/ December, Nicaragua is filled with lush greenery, as the wet season comes to an end, but its not quite  fully transitioned into the dry season.  Waves are smaller, but consistent, and you can often find the beaches all to yourself.  If you’re seeking A/C, hot running water, TV, or cell phone service, this is not your vacation.  Most places this way offer a different type of luxury.  Whether you’ll see that or not, depends on how well you can let go of the world you know, the “things” you think you need, and if it’s possible to set your mind fully on relaxation mode.

The whisper of pacific waves fill the warm air, as we sit on the deck of our private beach front cabaña.  Hidden in a tiny cove, amongst a forest of teak trees, an unmappable place you’re only able to find, if you know where you are looking.  Close your eyes in a hammock, lounge poolside on a cush chaise, sink into a new-to-you read from the House Library, sip a freshly concocted cocktail poured with award winning local rum from the ocean view open air bar, and breath. Uummm-haaaaaaaaaa. Let it go.

There is no time here, no place to be, no rules. Wherever you are, you’re already there.

From aromatherapy shampoos in the roofless waterfall rock showers, local beers poured in wine glasses, carafes of cool water served poolside on white linen covered silver trays, and tiny ramekins of sea salt & pepper; before you think you want it, it’s here.

Simplistic luxury in the highest form, LaBahia Beach Hotel will sweep you into another world that you may just want to keep all to yourself.


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