Vanlife Log : MPH vs KPH Calculation

Vanlife Log, day 14.  It’s 10 pm, the road is dark, and I’m tired.  Baby is sleeping, so we are trying to make up some road time.  This route has taken us uphill for what feels like forever.  The van is moving at a creepingly slow speed, due to how much gear we have it loaded down with.  (Skip to the bottom for MPH vs KPH Calculation)

I became curious as to just how slow we were actually moving.  I glance over at the speedometer, from the passenger seat, and notice two sets of numbers.  Per the speedometer, we are either traveling at a speed of 25, or a speed of 40.  At my somewhat delirious state of mind, I found this interesting, and decided to investigate on the MPH vs KPH calculation.

Apparently we are actually going 25 and 40.  25 miles per hour and 40 kilometers per hour.  The Van shows speed rates for both.  I never noticed that before.  

MPH vs KPH Calculation

1 Kilometer = 0.621 Miles

40 Kilometers = 24.855 Miles

Yup, that’s the information I have for you today, but here’s something much more fun.

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