Month 3 Postpartum: Sleep

Last Sunday I woke the husband up for work.  No, he doesn’t work Sundays.  I thought it was Monday.

Its 1 o’clock, finally got baby down for her morning nap.  Yup.  Everything was going just fine, I read it was time to start implementing a schedule, we were on a nice 10am ish 3 hour nap, followed by some play time and looking at stuff, then a nice power nap around 5 and out by 8:30.  I’d set her down at sleep time and she’d go to sleep.  It was beautiful.  And then week 13 rolled around and Fynlie doesn’t like sleep.  Last night we were up every 1- 2 hours and when I set her down to sleep, she’s crying 5-15 min later.  Some days its like I’m trying to get her to sleep all day, but I know she needs lots of sleep so what else can I do?

Please tell me this is a short phase?  A growth spurt? Per my middle night Pinterest research it may be the 4 month sleep regression or something also known as the wonder weeks.  

Lucie’s List gives some good details on it. 


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