Highway 10 to CA (again)

It was 2am, a week later then we planned to leave, and we were still packing.  A migraine took me down and we decided there was no sense leaving now, we’d just sleep and go in the morning.  A full 12 hours later and finally, we made our escape out of Texas.

With so much additional storage room, it took a considerable amount of time longer to pack then last time with just the truck.  Cupboards and drawers, cabinets and underneath compartments, if it fit we threw it in.  For about 2 weeks I’d carry bags full of things to put away, thinking I’d probably have to bring some back inside the house, but I always found a place for it.  In retrospect, I probably didn’t need my entire baking supplies or that electric food processor, as the trailer didn’t even have an oven, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The continual ting-tang-ting from under the hood was gone, but none of the gauges seemed to be working properly as they were all either completely off, or stuck on 0 gas and 35 mph.  Having no idea how many mpg we would get towing the trailer, a few more precautions would need to be taken.  First, we downloaded this Free Speedbox App, and set the iPhone on the dash to monitor our speed.  Next I would drop a pin on Google maps at each of our starting locations with a full tank of gas, to calculate how many miles we had driven to the next gas stop to fill up.  Then, with the following calculation, we were in business:

  • Point A to Point B = X miles        
  • Amount of gallons it took to fill up = Y gallons used
  • X/ Y = MPG

However the uphill/ down hill switch threw our numbers off as we were averaging sometimes as little as 8mpg, and sometimes as much as 11.  So we just ended up stopping at pretty much every gas station we saw, just to be on the safe side.  At least gas prices were down, at one point we passed a station claiming $1.99!

Typically SoCal is a full day away, 24 hours with just short gas and pit stops.  However, with the trailer, and the fact that I was too busy dry heaving to take a turn driving, we had to make a few extra allowances in time.  Around 1am we parked at a NM rest stop and hopped into the trailer for a few hours of sleep.  How luxurious to have a full bed just waiting at anytime!  Around 5am we pulled back on the road.

Stopping for fuel at a Love’s Truckstop, the loudspeaker said “hot showers are now available”.  That did sound good so we grabbed some flip flops decided to check out a real Truckstop shower.  Expecting nothing but the worst, we were pleasantly surprised. Without a truckers license its $15 per shower, not per person, fresh towels and a dispenser of all purpose soap/ shampoo included.  They were clean, the water was hot, we were happy.  We drove through, hitting nightfall a second time only to roll into Ventura at 2am, a full 36 hour trip, and only a day and a half until we’d have to be on the road again to make it into the Bay Area for Christmas Eve.


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