How to always get FREE Late Check-Out 

I may throw $20 on black, once in a blue moon if we are in a casino.  Although, I wouldn’t claim any valuable knowledge of gambling.  However, if you do join a casino’s Players Club, and spend some time gambling, you may end up with a few free things.  Our friend’s family dabbles in some casino time, and every year the casino sends them free nights to stay in their hotel.  This year, they generously shared one of those free beautiful rooms with us. We enjoyed our time so much, that we chose to extend our stay with a free late check-out.

In this time zone, The Husband needs to be attached to his computer until 3:30 pm.  Most hotels require check out time around 11am.  This is not convenient for The Husband’s work schedule.  Here is how we solve that problem.

How to always get FREE Late Check-Out

  1. Ask. Yes, it’s that simple.  I like to go to the front desk in person, holding a baby.  I feel like it gives us an edge, and many times we can easily acquire a late check out up to 2pm.
  2. Use the Amenities to extend your stay.  Technically you just have to be out of the room by a certain time.  Many hotels offer fitness rooms, business centers, and pools with wifi.  As long as you let yourself in before your key is deactivated, you are all set to extend your stay!

After our late check-out in the room was up, we moved to the pool.  A particularly lovely pool!  Baby had a nice nap in her car seat.  The Husband was able to finish work, with a mountain view.  Not a bad office for the day!

Baby napping bay the pool with our free late check-out
We vacationed here until the evening hours.  As the night neared, we decided it was time to get back on the road.  We still needed to find a spot to set up camp.

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