DIY Simple Camper Carpet Kit for under $50

Here it is! The simple DIY carpet kit that took 2 people and a dog, on the road, for 67 days, from Texas to California  to Oregon, and back.  You think you don’t need a bed when you’re road tripping?  Well, you do.  Not only does this make it extremely easy to rest just about anywhere, but you will save so much money, you’ll be able to travel longer, and see more places.

So, you’re living on the road, eh?  If you have a truck, you need a carpet kit!  Parking in front of someone’s house, or on a side street, or an empty parking lot, to catch some sleep may draw some unwanted attention your way.  It makes you appear just a little shifty, and people tend to get uneasy about that.  

Not to worry though, simple fix.  Just make it so they can’t see you sleeping in front of their house.  Everyone wins.  But how can this be done, you may ask.

You’ll need a camper, some window tint, and a simple diy carpet kit.

Step 1: Camper Shell

I recommend checking out the used market for one of these.  We scored ours on craigslist for $300.  Yes it’s red, and our truck is not, but that doesn’t hinder its functionality by any means.

Step 2: Window Tint

Not just any window tint, we need total blackout.  Yes, that’s right, limo tint.  A local shop quoted us $250 to tint our camper shell, but we asked if they had a better price for cash, and it saved us $50.  Always ask, it’ll come out in you’re favor more times then you’d think.  

Step 3: DIY Camper Carpet Kit

Now that no one can see in, you might as well put a bed in there, and organize all your stuff!  What kind of stuff should you organize?  Less is always more when you are on the move, but here’s a good list to get your wheels turning on what you may need, 12 Packing Essentials for long road trips.

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diy carpet kit cheap
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DIY Stealth Camper Carpet Kit for under $50
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Serving Size: 2

How to build a simple, and functional carpet kit in less then an hour ,for under $50


  • 3 2x4's ($9)
  • 2 pieces plywood ($18)
  • 1 Carpet ($17)
  • Tape measure
  • Skill saw, or give your dimensions to Home Depot and have them cut the wood (for free!) when you buy it


  1. Measure the width of your truck bed
  2. Cut the 2x4's to fit the width of your truck bed
  3. Set them into the slots of your bed (these are built in on our GMC Sierra)
  4. Cut the plywood to fit the width of your truck bed
  5. Lay on top of the 2x4's
  6. Lay down carpet
  7. Top with double sleeping bag


Optional luxury add on: Foam Gym Flooring, found that 6 pack of squares for $25 at Cabellas

DIY camper carpet kit can be built in less than 1 hour for under $50

How to build a diy carpet kit for under $50 in less than an hour with no tools
Have a van?  Oh, you are serious about this road tripping life!  So are we.  Check out this DIY idea for building a headboard and nightstand as an addition to your bed frame.

If you see any ideas that interest you, it would be super awesome of you to pin it to your Pinterest. 🙂

Thanks for following our scenic route!

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