Broccoli Apple Coconut Oil baby food

Adventuring beyond purées, and into stage 2 baby foods, the introduction of new textures, spices and soft pieces of things to taste.  Broccoli Apple Coconut Oil is a perfect recipe for little foodies.

Baby is now prefering little pieces of just about anything she can get her tiny hands around, especially if it’s something we are eating.  She looks right at you, big eyes following that bite from your hand to your mouth, asking “is that for me to try?”.  Of course it is! Here you go baby, asparagus, broccoli, strawberry, pickle.  So far she likes it all.

Space in the van fridge is always limited so I don’t have the luxury of preparing a bunch at once, freezing, and using as needed.  Instead, I make baby fresh foods.  A sweet potato may last until tomorrow, or I might mix it with apple sauce, or pureed beets to stretch it into a few more meals.  But recipes like this Broccoli Apple Coconut Oil are simple and quick enough to make to order.  Since she mainly eats fruits and veggies, adding some good fat, like coconut oil, will not only make it tasty, but is a simple way to add more nutrients and help with digestion.

Makes 2-3 meals

Prep time 5 min

Cook Time 15 min


1 Apple
2 cups broccoli
1 tsp coconut oil

  1. Peel, chop, and remove the apple core
  2. Remove stem and chop broccoli
  3. Add to foil with coconut oil, double wrap and throw in the grill
  4. Cook about 7 min each side, or until soft enough for your baby

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