Christmas Vacation, commence!? Part 2: Sprinter repair

It’s full service here at your vacation rental!  The husband woke me with a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, and new hope shined thru the morning.  

It’s got to be the belt tensioner, I can see the spring and that doesn’t seem right.

The 3 dirty pieces in the top of the picture below, is what he pulled off the sprinter (along with some dirt and a bunch of crumbly stuff). I assume it would be pretty hard to spring the belt tightly in place when your spring is on the outside of the part that does the springing. The single shiney piece below that, is the new part.

4 hours later, with no specific tools, and the help of my small hands to reach the hidden tiny screws he couldn’t get to, it was done.   

 Looped the serpinene belt back in place, and held our breath while he started it…….success!  After a test drive, a recheck, and another round of vacuuming in the house, we locked up and were finally, (finally!) on the road.  

Already 5pm, but Christmas Vacation here we come!  We are just 24 hours away, right?

50 + hours later
Part 1 if ya missed it!

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