New Camping Towel day!

Apparently, a camping towel, is a hot commodity at campground laundry mats. I made this discovery last week during a routine laundry adventure. We’ve been traveling with 3 adult size towels since Christmas, and someone decided that those 3, would be a nice addition to their private collection. How flattering that my 2 Target specials, and 1 generic striped beach towel made the cut!  Here’s how the scenario played out…

Lalala-la-la to the campground laundry I go.  (You can see where this is going)

This in this washer, this in this one, pour the soap, press the button.  Alrighty!

(30 min later)

Time to switch to the dryer. Think I’ll hang these towels at the campsite because they will take a while to dry, oh, the dryers run for a whole hour? Well in that case, in you go!

On my way out, 3 little skateboard kids walk into the laundry room (without laundry).  I hung by the door for a min, they opened a few machines then walked out.  That’s weird.  Oh well, they were probably just checking the laundry for their mom. Bop-dee-boppity back to the campsite I go.

(60 min later)

All dry! Wow, the clean clothes fit so much better in this bag then the dirty clothes did. Doot-dadoot-dodah… baby clothes, husband clothes, my clothes all put away. Wohoo!

(Later that day on the way to the pool)

Ok, I’ve got everything but the towels. Wait a min, where are the towels? I washed them, put them in the dryer, yes, then… I don’t remember folding them, actually I don’t remember taking them out of the dryer.

Did you leave them in the dryer?

No, I’m sure I emptied the dryer, but let’s check anyway.  Nope no towels.

Are you kidding me? Someone went into the dryer and stole the towels? Really? Why? Come on!


So for the past week we shared 1 baby towel and 1 wash cloth, as drying supplies for 2 people and a baby.  In rainy weather.

While new towels were not on the top of my want list, since they needed replacing, we decided to go with some awesome ones.  Sticking to the same theme of everything else in the van, we searched for something

  1. Functional
  2. Lightweight
  3. Compact

Which brought us to the category of camp or pack towels.   Microfiber PackTowls , to be exact.

Microfiber blue camp towel
Microfiber blue camp towel, space saving and quick dry

Soft, incredibly quick to dry, and even the Large size rolls up like this!

Microfiber light weight pack towel rolled up to fit in one hand
I’m 5’5 and probably would of been comfortable enough with the medium size, but ordered the Large so it would be closer to a regular sized towel, and offer enough coverage to pull off a public deck change, should the need arise.  However, they are very absorbent, and if drying off were the sole purpose, I would have ordered even smaller.

So, old towels, hopefully you’ve gone to a good home, but I won’t be missing you any longer, as I’m happy with these sweet new ones!

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