Blue Jellyfish at Ventura Point

At The Point for a quick surf, and some playtime for the pup.  A slight dead fish scent in the air, we found the beach covered in pretty electric blue jellies.  Rows of fairly live ones were washing up with each wave, and further up the beach many had dried into the sand and nearly disappeared.  Not sure of their stinging potential, I held the dog back until I noticed many other dogs running up the beach with no obvious complaints.  From what I gathered these particular jellies are not actually jellies, but known as Velalla Velalla, “by the wind sailor”.  They usually are seen floating much further out to sea, but their clear sail-like top allows the wind to blow them across the water, and can carry them all the way to shore, although it’s rare to see so many at once.  They do have tiny tentacles, but their sting is essentially harmless and typically unnoticeable by humans.  And they don’t appear to cause any harm to dogs either!


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