Golden Beet and Carrot Confetti 

Farmers Markets, they get me every time.  The smiles on the vendors faces, the samples, tables overloaded with beautiful selections of fresh fruits and veggies, I have to fill my bags, there’s no way around it.  But with just a 50 quart ARB fridge in the van, we run out of cold room fairly quick, and I’m presented with the challenge of finding new ways to quickly use these farmers market treasures.  For space saving purposes I just brought this tiny grater, so it took some time to shred the beets and carrots, and my hands were a full shade of orange, but who cares, look how pretty they are!

shredded carrots
The containers above are actually gelato containers.  They have screw top lids, and their shape makes for easy stacking and displaying in the fridge.  I shredded a bit extra so we’d have easy grab salad fixings for the next few days, but then noticed parts of the golden beets began turning black.

Why golden beets turn black?

Since they were fresh organic beets, and the change in color happened so quick, I assumed they couldn’t be going bad, but just to make sure, did a little research.  It seems, not always, but much of the time, golden beets oxidize when they hit the air.  I assume this is similar to an apple turning brown when sliced open, although it’s a bit more shocking to see such a pretty bright yellow turn to a straight  black color!  I didn’t find anything on this effecting their taste or quality, so continued to enjoy them the next day too.  We had them in salad (below) tossed with Avocado oil, lemon and sea salt, them mixed them into brown rice with chicken and cheese the next day.

beet-carrot-cucumber-saladvegan salad


Golden Beets, washed and peeled
Carrots, washed and peeled


Air tight container

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