Week 8 Postpartum: Baby Vaccines

Fynlie received the first of her baby vaccines today.  I wrapped her up in a soft blankey and nursed her while they swabbed her tiny thigh with cold alcohol.  She let out her first tiny little “waah” cry.  I was hoping nursing would distract her, and maybe she wouldn’t notice the shot.  The food distraction technique had always worked when the pup needed vaccines.

Five years ago we found our fluffy little pup on Craig’s list.  She nuzzled her puppy nose under my chin when I picked her up, and immediately we knew she’d be coming home with us that day.  I had taken pup to all the preventative care appointments.  As long as there was cheese wiz involved, she never even flinched for a vaccine.  The one time they gave her a shot without a treat, she yelped and jumped on the bench to hide behind me and buried her face under my arm.  I almost cried then.

Today’s baby vaccines were way worse.

The Nurse poked my snuggly little baby, and she immediately stopped sucking, and started screaming.  A different cry, with real tears.  Tears started to drip down my cheek too, as all I could do was hold her, rocking back and forth saying it’s going to be alright sweetie, it’s ok, I got you.  Tears in his eyes too, the husband reached over to hold her.  It’s an awful feeling knowing you just allowed someone to hurt your baby, and we both cuddled her in silence waiting for the sting to go away.

He pulled out a tissue from the box on the shelf and handed me one, half laughing at how silly we must seem.  Although terrible to see her hurt, it’s beautiful, the emotion they give you, that desperate feeling of needing to protect them.  It must be the purest of innocent love.

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