Apache Pine Wooden Watch Review

A wooden watch review for adventure seekers, and adventure dreamers alike.  This watch is designed to be worn in both the wild, and in civilization.  Constructed of light woods, durable leather and timeless stainless steel.  Apache Pine watches are made to ride along on any of your life’s adventures.

The company was brought together by a group of friends with exploration roots from the Rocky Mountains of Idaho.  Apache Pine was created as a reminder to explore more, and bring nature into daily lives.  These natural wood watches allow you to take a piece of the outdoors, inside.

This is a wooden watch review of Apache Pine’s Sqwatch model.  All images were photographed in natural outdoor light to capture the true nature of the watch.

Wooden watch review Apache pine

#vanlife Compatibility

Over the last couple weeks I have worn the Sqwatch Wooden Watch through the elements of our typical life’s adventures.  Including (but not limited to) traveling the #vanlife, camping, dinning out, hiking trails, to the lake, carrying a baby, and while cooking.  I’ve bumped it, splashed it, played with the pup while wearing it, and baby has covered it in sticky fingers.  I am happy to report that this wood watch is still surviving quite nicely.

One of a Kind 

As the wood in each watch is cut directly from nature, no two timepieces will ever be completely identical.  Different tints and imperfections in the wood will show through each individual watch.

While the surface is completely smooth, my particular watch holds a unique darker coloration on the top, and a small ocean-like swirl on the side.  The Sqwatch’s true wood roots show through the shiny stained finish.

Lightweight walnut wood Watch review

The Apache Pine Sqwatch is a minimalist style wooden watch, with a clean design that is one of simplicity and of class.


Walnut/ Black Sandalwood
Stainless Steel
Genuine Leather


There are three notable details that stand out on the Sqwatch Watch.  Each detail adds a little something extra to this wood watch.  Especially #3.  I wonder if this particular detail was added to the Squatch to be reminiscent of a back country adventure?  A detail that made me thinking back to hunting and hiking trips, when I was a kid, and we would carve our names in a tree.

#1 “Apache Pine” printed on the buckle

Wood Watch review with stainless steel buckle

#2 Apache Pine logo is displayed on the watch crown (aka that side pin used to set the time)

Black sandalwood wood Watch review

#3 Apache Pine logo stamped into the wood on the flip side of the watch

Bigfoot carved wooden Watch review


Very nice, how much?! 

The Squatch Watch is reasonably affordable for a wood watch, with a current listed price of $189 USD.

The Warranty

Apache Pine Wooden Watch Warranty

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • “Splash Resistance” is listed in the details of this watch, which suggests to me the case would hold some protection.  However, there is no warranty coverage should any moisture damage occur.  No swimming with this one!


The Sqwatch has, so far, withstood the test of our adventure lifestyle, proving to be quite durable.  The only critique I have is, I wish a waterproof model was available.  This would be great for all of us true dirty adventurers who like to spontaneously dive into the water.


Positive Vibes

What I like about Apache Pine…

Promotes outdoor adventure, which is good for all of us

Promotes sharing, 1 purchase = 1 meal for orphans in India

Free Shipping on domestic orders over $35


The Sqwatch Wooden Watch encompasses the 5 Senses of Exploration

Sight : natural simplicity

Sound : peace and calm

Touch : light as a fallen feather, with smooth bold edges

Scent :leather and possibilities

Taste : adventure


Apache Pine is TIME for adventure (hehe).

Sqwatch Wooden Watch review
Pet friendly wooden Watch review

Thank you to Apache Pine for sponsoring this post.  Please note that all ideas, opinions and thoughts are my own.  As always, I only promote amazing things. ~ Julie Ann

______________**October Update!**_______________

Get one for free! Enter to Win Apache Pine’s newest Watch, The Arrow.

Win a Wooden Watch from Apache Pine

Apache Pine Sqwatch Wooden Watch






#vanlife Compatibility


Positive Vibes



  • Pairs well with many lifestyles
  • Lightweight
  • Real Wood
  • Free Shipping
  • Unisex


  • Not Waterproof

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  1. Alyssa

    July 17, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    This looks like a pretty neat watch and I like that it appears to be “pet-your-pet” friendly too.

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