About Vanlife

The world told us we would need a thousand things to do this baby thing.  Instead, we moved into a van.

At the end of 2015, we started traveling full time in a Sprinter Van. Only partially converted, with not much more complete than Thinsulate Insulation, Renogy solar , a bed frame, ARB 4×4 fridge/ freezer, and a pack ‘n play. 

In addition to unlimited adventure and fun, the goal was to show our 5 Month old baby girl, snow and ocean before she turned one.  These are our favorite things. 

We spent 9 months on the road, seeking surf, snow, and adventure, as we continued to build the van in campgrounds, backyards, and Home Depot’s. 

While we were sleep deprived through much of that trip, and frequently moving baby gear, tools, and parts just to get to the bed…there was always the essence of excitement in the air.

WANDERLUST being in a continual state of exploration 

I feel like we have tapped into some secret of life by traveling.  This is where good is, this is where the nonsense melts away, when you can truly see how little you actually need to be happy.

With a growing baby, we were quickly outgrowing our space, and decided to park for a 5 month redesign.  We spray painted the van, added a cedar ceiling, a better space for baby to sleep and play, and a real wood burning fireplace.  

As of February 2017,  we are officially back on the scenic route with baby and pup. 

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Have a question about Vanlife, traveling with a baby, or converting a van to a camper? Thinking about jumping into it yourself? We’d love to hear about it!  

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