Life: 2nd Trimester

It is easy how quickly we can forget what seemed like our whole world in the moment.  I am trying to take some note of this journey that brings us beautiful little Fynlie Autumn, as it really does go so fast, and you want to keep all the moments, as they are all so precious.


The 2nd trimester (for the most part) is leaving me feeling pretty normal.  The nausea is gone and my energy is back up, but today I can tell just how much this little baby is using up my nutrients.  My body feels heavy. A walk up the stairs leaves my heart beating a little quicker than I’m used to, for such a low impact activity that normally takes such little effort.  Walking through the sand brings awareness to the tightening muscles in my legs, and new strain on my ankles, as I adjust to this additional 17lbs that I’m now toting along everywhere.  Waiting to eat this morning was a poor decision, as it’s taken nearly 3 hours for my body to rearrange its chemicals back to some sort of normal where I don’t feel like passing out.   

While there is much attention to be had with strangers opening doors, letting you cut in line and typically smiling at you wherever you go, it is also a lonely road.  Feeling just a little left out being in a different life stage then about 97% of the people around you, nearly 100% of the time.  

Having to always be careful.  In situations where you may have thought ….eehh the fun outweighs the probability of getting hurt, and now u can’t get hurt, get sick, or put yourself at risk because it’s not just u.  

It’s not about you anymore, but it’s exciting and it’s good to get excited, and these moments will all be over too soon.  

Everything is about to change, and while the anticipation can lead to a wandering mind, I need to remind myself, it’s going to be awesome.



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