Vanlife Log: Off-Grid West Colorado Blueberries

Vanlife Log, day 18.  Off-grid in the Adobes of way west Colorado, snow is on hills in the distance, but rarely sticks to the ground here. Sun shines, and warms you up by mid morning.  The air is still, and the only sounds are those of your own foot steps.  West Colorado is a good place to just take in a moment.  

I look around at the calm dry earth.  It’s dusty now, but this is agricultural land, and soon will take on a more green appeal.

While the idea is not well known, in fact most say it could never be done, there is a buzz amongst the locals.  Can blueberries grow here?  With a plan already in place of organically recompositioning the soil’s nutrients, this will surely be something to watch for, in the next coming years.

West Colorado adobes
Baby plays with cousins she is meeting for the first time. Pup wanders to check out the horses and the lamb. All is good here and we are happy to take a break from the cold.

Cousins in west Colorado
Live stock of west Colorado

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