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DIY Sprinter Conversion Van. Fresh Organic Recipes. Travel Stories and Inspiration from the Scenic Route with Baby and Pup

Vanlife Log: Popsicle Pit Stops for Summer Travel

Van life log Flying baby popsicle pit stop

Somewhere in between nowhere, we pull off the road to briefly expand our living space. Lively hot air swirls around us in a sticky breeze.  This is just one of many popsicle pit stops that we will take on the journey. The Husband lifts Baby to the sky.  Kicking and giggling, she flys. I wonder if she knows how unordinary her days are.  I can’t believe we are taking this.. Read More

Vanlife Log: Rainy Day Camping

Rainy day camping in a self converted camper van

Raindrops ting on the metal roof of the van, playing a natural symphony of beauty and surprise. Everyone has drifted asleep by the warmth of our cozy wood burning Dickinson Marine fireplace. Camping in the rain has brought us a welcomed moment of idle time.

DIY Van Conversion Pictures and Tutorials

DIY Van Conversion ideas

The ultimate DIY project for any adventure seeker is, by far, a DIY Van Conversion.  But, adventure seekers BEWARE! Converting a van yourself, is highly addictive.   Especially if you are an idea maker, a dreamer, or a perfectionist.  You may find there is always room for a design tweak, and new ideas for functionality keep coming.  But don’t let that detour you, because a DIY van conversion project can.. Read More

Historical California Drive Thru Trees

California Drive through redwood trees

In the northern part of California, there is some unique West Coast history, that has been something of an attraction since the late 1800’s.  Drive Thru Trees are visited by thousands of tourists every year.  People come from all over to take in a piece of history, first hand.  These giant trees can hold life spans upwards of 3000 years. The idea of rolling a vehicle through a tree, originated.. Read More

Hiatus from Van Life

Converted Sprinter van on the road with sunset

The decision to take a hiatus from Van life, started much the same as any decision we’ve made to embark on a journey.  Without thought, or plans. Starting Location: MT Hood, OR Destination: Austin, TX Miles: 2,314 Days: 7 Season: Summer Temperature: 77 lows – 104 highs Vessel: Converted 158 WB Sprinter Van Passengers: Husband, Wife, dog, baby Night 1 – Medford, OR The Van Night 2 – Indio, CA.. Read More

Free Places to freshen up on the road

I wake up in a parking lot, my arm numb from cuddling baby back to sleep in the early hours. The Husband sitting on the spare bus seat (wedged between the dog and infant car seat) staring into the glowing light of laptop glory. The once vacant floor space, occupied with a way-too-big-for-the-van baby jumper, a large heavy roll of sandy fake grass, a table top BBQ grill, and a.. Read More

DIY Travel Air Conditioner for under $35

This easy DIY travel Air Conditioner, is an energy efficient AC unit, that can be built in about 10 min to build for less then $35!  It is perfect for pets, garages, RVs, converted van’s, and road trips.  It’s cooling power comes directly from frozen ice, and electricity is not required.  Depending on which type of fan you choose, it can be battery powered, or electric powered.  We used a.. Read More

Cinnamon Toast with Caramelized vegan Banana Butter

Cinnamon swirl bread pairs perfectly with fresh blueberries, and warm caramelized vegan banana butter.  This “butter” is completely vegan, as it is made solely of melted banana.  Soaked in sweetened cinnamon, that loaf of bread is the source of the cinnamon aroma that’s been filling the van these last couple days. Traveling our cinnamon scented van a little further south on the California coast, we took up an offer from.. Read More

Vanlife Reflection in the Moonlight

View of palm trees in the moonlight from vanlife

Traveling the vanlife, constantly taking in new surroundings, makes you sometimes wonder.  Is the view of the moon the same from anywhere? Back when The Husband and I were dating, we were living 3 hours apart, and one night he came to surprise me.  Half asleep, I answered the phone, and he said, “you have to come outside and look at the moon”.  Tired, and not really wanting to get.. Read More

Bite sized Strawberry Cream Pies

Mini strawberry pies with whipped cream

 The van kitchen is of simplistic form, but not much is needed for this recipe, as it can easily come together with 1 pot over a single burner, and 1 mini prep running off the solar for whip cream blending. Simple as it is, there are a few added luxuries we agreed were necessary when configuring the build out. Like the Nespresso espresso machine. Yes, we did totally calculate our.. Read More