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DIY Van Conversion Pictures and Tutorials

DIY Van Conversion ideas

The ultimate DIY project for any adventure seeker is, by far, a DIY Van Conversion.  But, adventure seekers BEWARE! Converting a van yourself, is highly addictive.   Especially if you are an idea maker, a dreamer, or a perfectionist.  You may find there is always room for a design tweak, and new ideas for functionality keep coming.  But don’t let that detour you, because a DIY van conversion project can.. Read More

Sprinter Van Conversion diy Headboard and Nightstand

Van conversion bed frame headboard with custom built wood shelf for storage

Armed with a few 2x3s, and a tentative sketch in his head for a diy headboard, The husband asked what I thought about adding a wood headboard to our bed? I like it!  Looking through the back doors of most vans, the view always displays some sort of mattress and disheveled sheets.  A sleek headboard would not only offer a cleaner look, but also stop our pillows from squishing into.. Read More

Happy VANniversary!

Sprinter van overlooking lake Shasta

It has been a year since we purchased the van, which makes it our Vanniversary!  In light of this celebration, I did the ice bucket challenge.  No, I didn’t.  I mean, the ice bucket challenge did happen, but it wasn’t to celebrate the Vanniversary, it was out of pure necessity.  More on that later. For the Vanniversary, we took the little Sprinter out for a spin.  Just a little road.. Read More

Sprinter Van Conversion Insulation

5 months of #vanlife exploration to-date in this Sprinter, and we are quite pleased with the way our triple layer insulation design is working out.  It gives the whole interior space a solid cozy feel, that’s protected from the elements, and free of morning dew.  Even with the doors open, the inside is consistently staying degrees warmer or cooler than the outside tempatures.   Shortly after we found the van,.. Read More

Sprinter Van Conversion Floating Kitchen Pantry

Floating kitchen pantry shelf with clear plastic jars to store dry goods in a van conversion

Grab a hold of the handle, and with a percise pull, tug (and slight jiggle) the door of the windowless cargo van slides open with a squeaking ease. Nevermind the unfinished corners or hodgepodge of baby gear, the first thing to catch your eye now, is a touch of unexpected modern and class.  I present, the van kitchen pantry. A long floating shelf, crafted from the same unfinished birch as.. Read More

Sprinter Van Conversion Under Bed Storage Design

Sprinter van conversion under bed storage idea

Storage and organization is a major factor in all our building decisions.  Everything needs to fit well, but also be accessible.  The under bed storage area of the van conversion is very important.  This is our garage, our trunk.  The biggest area we have to use for storage ideas.  No space can go wasted, we need it all. Design #1 Van Conversion under bed storage Our original “under the bed.. Read More

Sprinter Van Conversion Demo Day

We had a baby.  We also bought a used van.  The plan is to convert the van ourselves.  Then we’ll travel to beaches and mountains to surf, snowboard, and show baby snow and ocean, before she turns one.  This is our first baby.  This is our first Van.  We are figuring it all out as we go.  Today we are destroying stuff.  It’s van conversion demo day. If your van came.. Read More

The Story: Buying a Sprinter Van

Mercedes Sprinter cargo van high top In the mountains on a sunny day

WANDERLUST – wän•der•lust – being in a continual state of exploration We have a baby now, so obviously we’ll be needing a nice family van.  A nice large, responsible family van.  A nice blacked out, windowless, unmarked family van.  It is possible that we may have misinterpreted the statistic of “family van”. Or maybe we did not. A van could insure that the exploration continues.  A van would be big.. Read More