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Vanlife Reflection in the Moonlight

View of palm trees in the moonlight from vanlife

Traveling the vanlife, constantly taking in new surroundings, makes you sometimes wonder.  Is the view of the moon the same from anywhere? Back when The Husband and I were dating, we were living 3 hours apart, and one night he came to surprise me.  Half asleep, I answered the phone, and he said, “you have to come outside and look at the moon”.  Tired, and not really wanting to get.. Read More

Vanilla Coconut Americano

Espresso in the morning, barefoot in the sand, and the sound of the ocean?  Yeah, the vagabond life is working out nicely I’d have to say!  I know, espresso seems like it would be pretty low on the list of necessary items to pack for a road trip, but you can’t discount moral.  Especially when you’re not going full out luxury and know there will probably be some times that.. Read More

Nicaragua Conversions for US Travelers

Good tree in Nicaragua conversions for travelers

Here’s a nice little cheat sheet of Nicaragua conversions for US travelers.  Simple Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions are on the chart below. But if you are like me and like the math, and you just gotta know the how and why, here’s the calculations as well.   This will come in handy when you’ve finally made it to a luxurious A/C room off the grid, and keep waking up freezing.. Read More

The Story: Adventure in a Red Camper

Free Spirit Adventuring [verb]; to continually seek the the next new paradise, with no plan or exact destination in mind, but rather the experience of the adventure itself, for none other than the thrill of change and discovery of the unknown  The feel of being on the edge of discovering something new, living minimalistic for the experience instead of the stuff, this is where “good” is.  This is the Adventure.. Read More