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Free Places to freshen up on the road

I wake up in a parking lot, my arm numb from cuddling baby back to sleep in the early hours. The Husband sitting on the spare bus seat (wedged between the dog and infant car seat) staring into the glowing light of laptop glory. The once vacant floor space, occupied with a way-too-big-for-the-van baby jumper, a large heavy roll of sandy fake grass, a table top BBQ grill, and a.. Read More

DIY Travel Air Conditioner for under $35

This easy DIY travel Air Conditioner, is an energy efficient AC unit, that can be built in about 10 min to build for less then $35!  It is perfect for pets, garages, RVs, converted van’s, and road trips.  It’s cooling power comes directly from frozen ice, and electricity is not required.  Depending on which type of fan you choose, it can be battery powered, or electric powered.  We used a.. Read More

12 Packing Essentials for long Road Trips

The philosophy of Less Is More comes strongly into play when packing for a road trip.  Whether it be for just a few days, or for a few months, playing the “Rearrange Shuffle” and ruffling through your belonging to find things, gets old quick.  Trust me, we’ve been on the road in a van (while building it) packed with snow, surf, puppy, and baby gear for almost 5 months, I’m an.. Read More

New Camping Towel day!

Burried in clean laundry

Apparently, a camping towel, is a hot commodity at campground laundry mats. I made this discovery last week during a routine laundry adventure. We’ve been traveling with 3 adult size towels since Christmas, and someone decided that those 3, would be a nice addition to their private collection. How flattering that my 2 Target specials, and 1 generic striped beach towel made the cut! ┬áHere’s how the scenario played out….. Read More