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Sprinter Van Conversion diy Headboard and Nightstand

Van conversion bed frame headboard with custom built wood shelf for storage

Armed with a few 2x3s, and a tentative sketch in his head for a diy headboard, The husband asked what I thought about adding a wood headboard to our bed? I like it!  Looking through the back doors of most vans, the view always displays some sort of mattress and disheveled sheets.  A sleek headboard would not only offer a cleaner look, but also stop our pillows from squishing into.. Read More

Sprinter Van Conversion Floating Kitchen Pantry

Floating kitchen pantry shelf with clear plastic jars to store dry goods in a van conversion

Grab a hold of the handle, and with a percise pull, tug (and slight jiggle) the door of the windowless cargo van slides open with a squeaking ease. Nevermind the unfinished corners or hodgepodge of baby gear, the first thing to catch your eye now, is a touch of unexpected modern and class.  I present, the van kitchen pantry. A long floating shelf, crafted from the same unfinished birch as.. Read More