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DIY Van Conversion Pictures and Tutorials

DIY Van Conversion ideas

The ultimate DIY project for any adventure seeker is, by far, a DIY Van Conversion.  But, adventure seekers BEWARE! Converting a van yourself, is highly addictive.   Especially if you are an idea maker, a dreamer, or a perfectionist.  You may find there is always room for a design tweak, and new ideas for functionality keep coming.  But don’t let that detour you, because a DIY van conversion project can.. Read More

Sprinter Van Conversion pictures!

We are 4 months into our Sprinter Van conversion and it is starting to look pretty amazing, if I do say so.  Just a month after our little bundle arrived, we found our Sprinter, the dream-mobile for any true adventurer.  But with zero experience on converting a van, a great amount of time had to be put into research, prior to even beginning any actual physical labor .  Not to.. Read More

Christmas Vacation, commence!? Part 2: Sprinter repair

It’s full service here at your vacation rental!  The husband woke me with a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, and new hope shined thru the morning.   It’s got to be the belt tensioner, I can see the spring and that doesn’t seem right. The 3 dirty pieces in the top of the picture below, is what he pulled off the sprinter (along with some dirt and a bunch of crumbly.. Read More