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Toasted Chicken & Avocado Sandwich 

Pan seared juicy chicken breast, covered in Montreal seasoning and sandwiched with raw red onion and spinach, melted pepper jack, and delicious avocado smashed right into the bread – lunch is up! Serves 2 1 chicken breast Montreal seasoning  1 avocado 3 handfuls spinach 1/4 raw red onion 3 slices pepper jack cheese 6 slices bread of your choice Season with Montreal spice and pan sear chicken breast on med.. Read More

Toasted veggie & pesto Sandwich

This is a little bit of a veggie yardsale, but thats ok, veggies are good for us!  Tofu is a surprising blank canvas, and with a little seasoning can pretty much be transformed into just about anything.  Although I wouldn’t say it tastes like chicken, it did place a nice addition in texture to this vegan style sandwich.      Pesto is actually really easy to make, and sooo much.. Read More

BLT sprout & cream cheese bagel

So in this picture our BLT is sitting on a blueberry bagel, which may not of been my first choice, but this is what was on hand.  However, feel free to use any bagel you like when recreating it for yourself. 1 bagel 4 strips of Bacon, cut in half 1/2 tomato, sliced Lettuce Sprouts 2 tsp cream cheese Cook bacon as directed & cool on a paper towel to.. Read More