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Vanlife Log: Popsicle Pit Stops for Summer Travel

Van life log Flying baby popsicle pit stop

Somewhere in between nowhere, we pull off the road to briefly expand our living space. Lively hot air swirls around us in a sticky breeze.  This is just one of many popsicle pit stops that we will take on the journey. The Husband lifts Baby to the sky.  Kicking and giggling, she flys. I wonder if she knows how unordinary her days are.  I can’t believe we are taking this.. Read More

Hiatus from Van Life

Converted Sprinter van on the road with sunset

The decision to take a hiatus from Van life, started much the same as any decision we’ve made to embark on a journey. ¬†Without thought, or plans. Starting Location: MT Hood, OR Destination: Austin, TX Miles: 2,314 Days: 7 Season: Summer Temperature: 77 lows – 104 highs Vessel: Converted 158 WB Sprinter Van Passengers: Husband, Wife, dog, baby Night 1 – Medford, OR The Van Night 2 – Indio, CA.. Read More

Highway 10 to Ca (again)..again

With the sun setting, we settled in for many road hours ahead.  I filled Fyn up with rice cereal and she was content snoozing in her car seat.   Everything seemed to be working well on the Sprinter thru to morning, when we stopped in NM at Milagro Coffee Y Espresso.  I was hoping for one of the huge almond croissants pictures on Yelp, but they were out. Dang! From Las.. Read More

The Story: Adventure in a Red Camper

Free Spirit Adventuring [verb]; to continually seek the the next new paradise, with no plan or exact destination in mind, but rather the experience of the adventure itself, for none other than the thrill of change and discovery of the unknown  The feel of being on the edge of discovering something new, living minimalistic for the experience instead of the stuff, this is where “good” is.  This is the Adventure.. Read More