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Historical California Drive Thru Trees

California Drive through redwood trees

In the northern part of California, there is some unique West Coast history, that has been something of an attraction since the late 1800’s.  Drive Thru Trees are visited by thousands of tourists every year.  People come from all over to take in a piece of history, first hand.  These giant trees can hold life spans upwards of 3000 years. The idea of rolling a vehicle through a tree, originated.. Read More

Highway 10 to California Roadtrip

Hours later I woke up at a gas station somewhere inside of El Paso. The iPad alarm, which had been set for 6:15, was repeatedly going off. It was now 6:45, meaning neither one of us had been consious enough to hear it for half an hour. The Husband’s eyes bloodshot from having been up at 5am the morning of the day before, and driving through to this morning. I.. Read More