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Steak and Veggie Mix Grill

Steak Mix Grill with Bell Pepper and Broccoli

Simply seasoned steak and broccoli along side naked red bell peppers makes for a perfect camping dinner, that is super simple to do with minimal supplies, and practically no dishes.  (Yeah!). This entire meal can be put together with only.. 1 knife (if you share) 2 forks 2 pieces of foil 2 paper plates ….and of course, my trusty little table top grill ! It’s been an awesome cooking vessel, easy to.. Read More

Beachside BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks are smothered with BBQ sauce and beer, then sealed in an airtight ziplock bag to lock in flavor.  Grilled beachside, and served with a tortilla napkin, Beachside BBQ Chicken is a quick, low-mess fix for beach days.   I know, everyone does chicken wings, but the large drumsticks are so much better and heres why.   1) Help Hunger! they provide way more meat then a little wingy 2).. Read More

Road Salad

Crisp greens and crunchy veggies can easily be enjoyed on the road when simply stored in a ziplock bag!  If you’re over sandwiches, and terrible roadside fast food, pack a little cooler with Road Salad on your next trip.  Pairs well with grilled chicken and amazing Lemon Gold dressing. Ingredients Arugula Cilantro Pecans Shredded Cabbage Optional- carrots, bell pepper, radish Directions Add all ingredients to ziplock, except dressing When ready.. Read More