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1st Birthday Cake & Party for under $25!

The 1st Birthday, the big number 1!  For some good simple baby fun, focus on the 5 senses to create a total sensory experience for baby.    Sound. Sight. Touch. Smell. Taste.   Sound Play music, clap for baby, provide lots of fun crinkly wrapping paper to tear and shake Sight Use bright colors and eye catching patterns for wrapping paper, ribbons, balloons, and plastic table cloth Touch Let baby.. Read More

simple cilantro parsley Pesto (V)

I make pesto a variety of ways, but this is my go-to version.  It’s simple, quick, totally vegan, and cheap too!  Traditionally pesto is made with basil and pinenuts, but can be made with any green and any nut.  I usually add a chile for spice, because everything is better with a touch of heat, but up to you, works fine without it if you prefer. I make it with.. Read More

Toasted veggie & pesto Sandwich

This is a little bit of a veggie yardsale, but thats ok, veggies are good for us!  Tofu is a surprising blank canvas, and with a little seasoning can pretty much be transformed into just about anything.  Although I wouldn’t say it tastes like chicken, it did place a nice addition in texture to this vegan style sandwich.      Pesto is actually really easy to make, and sooo much.. Read More

Cucumber & Nectarine Crudité (V)

Slice it pretty, serve on a teak cutting board and voila!  Its a meal.  Vegan challenge is fully on! Ingredients Sliced Cucumbers Raw Cashews Toasted Naan Your favorite Hummus Sliced Kalamata Olives

Spinach salad with warm Lemon-Caper Vinaigrette (V)

  Looking at my fridge full of delicious veggies, I pulled out a choice amount and strewed them about on the kitchen island.  Something green, something red, something purple and yellow.. beautiful!  I chopped and sliced, dumped and poured, tossed and sprinkled, and here’s what developed; Ingredients 4 cups fresh spinach 1 whole red bell pepper, sliced nice 2 cups red cabbage, chopped or shredded 1 cup raw cashews for.. Read More

Cumin spiced Black Rice (V)

Often seen sold in stores as Forbidden rice, black rice complements nearly any meal, and has the highest amount of antioxidants than any other rice variety….. plus its tasty. Oh, and its vegan.. I’m doing so good with this challenge. 

Sweet Corn Slaw

Some friends invited us over for Brisket that had been smoking in their new pellet smoker all day. While we completely diminished that before I thought to take a picture, here is a great little side to balance any BBQ with a hint of veggies. Ingredients 1 bag (10-16 oz) frozen organic sweet white corn, thawed 2 med persian cucumbers, chopped Half a basket of cherry tomatoes, halved Dressing Juice.. Read More

Cinnamon Peach Toast

Some of the best Peaches I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying are Fredericksburg, TX peaches.  Almost as big a deal as Hach Green Chili season out here, from May through August you can find them in any grocery, as well as from a roadside stand in many of the surrounding areas. Pair them with a few spoons of fresh ground peanut butter for a boost of fiber, protein, vitamin E,.. Read More

Spinach Crunch Taco

Love concocting something from nothing! Here is one of those fantabulous recipes that came about when the kitchen was down to the classic college best of condiments and an empty pickle jar. Well, ok not that bad, but pretty empty on cooking standards. Staring at the sparse shelves of my open fridge, hungry and not really wanting to tackle the grocery at the after work hour, this is what developed… Read More