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Perfect Pour Over Coffee Review

Perfect pour over coffee

Over the last 5 years, I have acquired a real interest in coffee.  An interest in the form of a mild obsession.  An obsession that has me craving a good coffee on a daily basis.  However, a truely good coffee that is made right, can be a bit of a treasure hunt.  Although, seeking that coffee gold, is part of the fun.  When we do find a perfect Pour Over.. Read More

Vanlife Log: Handmade Montana Pottery and Coffee

Handmade Montana pottery

Just a hop, skip, and half a jump down the road from a Hot Springs Campground is The Coffee Pot Bakery.  If you find yourself around Bozeman MT, this is a must stop.  The building is an enchanting, refurbished 1932 log cabin.  The Coffee Pot Bakery shares the cabin with Mountain Arts Pottery.  There is an eclectic assortment of unique handmade Montana pottery to look at, while waiting for your.. Read More

Vanlife Log: Mountain Coffee Cabin

Vanlife Log, day 20.  We had been in and out of poor service for the last few hours.  I always check reviews on Yelp, prior to patroning any new establishment.  But, we needed coffee and this place looked like it would do the job.  Luckily, that was a good bet.   The Alpine Coffee Cabin was a super good find!  We would definitely stop again, if we find ourselves adventuring.. Read More

Vanilla Coconut Americano

Espresso in the morning, barefoot in the sand, and the sound of the ocean?  Yeah, the vagabond life is working out nicely I’d have to say!  I know, espresso seems like it would be pretty low on the list of necessary items to pack for a road trip, but you can’t discount moral.  Especially when you’re not going full out luxury and know there will probably be some times that.. Read More