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Highway 10 to Ca (again)..again

With the sun setting, we settled in for many road hours ahead.  I filled Fyn up with rice cereal and she was content snoozing in her car seat.   Everything seemed to be working well on the Sprinter thru to morning, when we stopped in NM at Milagro Coffee Y Espresso.  I was hoping for one of the huge almond croissants pictures on Yelp, but they were out. Dang! From Las.. Read More

Christmas Vacation, commence!?

Wednesday, we were leaving.  Then Thursday.  Really thought we’d be gone Saturday morning at the latest, working hard till after midnight every night this past week, to get the house and Sprinter ready for a new adventure, but it wasn’t until Sunday night all was finally ready, or so we thought. Cupboards, cabinets, closets….all empty, sparkling clean and organized.  The last 2 weeks have been spent fully decluttering, organizing and.. Read More