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Vanlife Log: Rainy Day Camping

Rainy day camping in a self converted camper van

Raindrops ting on the metal roof of the van, playing a natural symphony of beauty and surprise. Everyone has drifted asleep by the warmth of our cozy wood burning Dickinson Marine fireplace. Camping in the rain has brought us a welcomed moment of idle time.

Vanlife Log: KOA Night Time Check-in and Burgers

Vanlife Log, day 12.  Since our near stranded escapade of the van not starting, we decided to move down to a lower elevation.  It was still cold, but we are talking 20 degrees cold, not zero degrees.  It almost felt warm.  Almost.  Living the Van Life in the cold is proving to be more challenging than we expected.   While we do have the wood burning fireplace inside the van, we.. Read More

DIY Simple Camper Carpet Kit for under $50

DIY simple carpet kit for truck camper

Here it is! The simple DIY carpet kit that took 2 people and a dog, on the road, for 67 days, from Texas to California  to Oregon, and back.  You think you don’t need a bed when you’re road tripping?  Well, you do.  Not only does this make it extremely easy to rest just about anywhere, but you will save so much money, you’ll be able to travel longer, and.. Read More

Steak and Veggie Mix Grill

Steak Mix Grill with Bell Pepper and Broccoli

Simply seasoned steak and broccoli along side naked red bell peppers makes for a perfect camping dinner, that is super simple to do with minimal supplies, and practically no dishes.  (Yeah!). This entire meal can be put together with only.. 1 knife (if you share) 2 forks 2 pieces of foil 2 paper plates ….and of course, my trusty little table top grill ! It’s been an awesome cooking vessel, easy to.. Read More

New Camping Towel day!

Burried in clean laundry

Apparently, a camping towel, is a hot commodity at campground laundry mats. I made this discovery last week during a routine laundry adventure. We’ve been traveling with 3 adult size towels since Christmas, and someone decided that those 3, would be a nice addition to their private collection. How flattering that my 2 Target specials, and 1 generic striped beach towel made the cut! ┬áHere’s how the scenario played out….. Read More

Vanlife, moving to the beach!

Vagabonding. There is never a plan per say, but you know when it’s time to move on, and that time is now, so “To the Beach!”  Beach camping with baby, dog, and a half built van full of boxes, baby gear, parts, wood, 40″ TV and a vacuum the husband won from work (thanks guys, maybe a gift card next time?), 4 surf boards, 1 boogie, 2 snowboards, a human.. Read More

San Simeon campground and Hearst Castle

San Simeon State Park is located 35 miles north of San Luis Obispo on Highway 1, and about 5 miles south of the historic Hearst Castle.  If you’re in for a road trip, this is a great little piece of history to check out, just 4 hours from San Francisco or Los Angeles.  A variety of castle tours are offered daily starting at 9am, with adult tickets starting at $25 and.. Read More