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Sweet Potato Hash with Avocado

Sweet potato hash and avocado in a warm flour tortilla

Warm Sweet Potato Hash with Avocado is a flavor sensory overload! Naturally sweet, sweet potato, savory caramelized red onions, melted mozzarella, and fresh avocado.  A delicious egg-free vegetarian breakfast, to spice up that standard American bacon and eggs breakfast.  Wrap it all together in a warmed tortilla, and you won’t miss the eggs, not even a little bit. If you omit the cheese, we can have a little extra fun.. Read More

Cinnamon Toast with Caramelized vegan Banana Butter

Cinnamon swirl bread pairs perfectly with fresh blueberries, and warm caramelized vegan banana butter.  This “butter” is completely vegan, as it is made solely of melted banana.  Soaked in sweetened cinnamon, that loaf of bread is the source of the cinnamon aroma that’s been filling the van these last couple days. Traveling our cinnamon scented van a little further south on the California coast, we took up an offer from.. Read More

Vanilla spiked Mountain Oats

Beach front in the summer & snowy mountains in the winter, that’s the dream.  But how to make it reality on an income that doesn’t support an ocean front balcony and cozy cabin in the woods?  Just seek a remote job that can run with a simple wifi connection (thanks babe) and move your family into a rolling home. #vanlife Now we have an ocean view and a snow view!.. Read More

Blueberry Cake Bread

Growing up, my parent’s home had a bountiful persimmon tree in the front yard that filled all its branches with the juicy orange fruit throughout fall and winter.  Most of them went into Mom’s famous persimmon bread recipe, slightly spiced and so good fresh out of the oven topped with a bit of melting butter.  My favorite was always the top crispy part of the loaf, almost dessert like, us.. Read More