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Sweet Potato and Beet purée 

So many fruits and veggie options, and nearly all of them can be puréed!  We just started experimenting beyond the rice cereal stage, and are jumping into the fun of baby purées with little Fyn.  Everything blends to the prettiest colors, and it’s so enjoyable to watch her little face take in all these first bites.  Curious big eyes, a nose crinkle, happy hands, all sorts of new excitement  beams.. Read More

Raw Pickled Beets

A few months back I tried an amazing salad that completely changed my thoughts on beets. The League Kitchen & Tavern’s mix of grilled steak, artisan greens, blue cheese, tabasco shoestring onions & pickled baby beets all tossed happily in a mustard vinaigrette was such a delicious combination, that I just had to attempt a re-create at home. This is the first way ever eating beets and actually liked beets… Read More