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Broccoli Apple Coconut Oil baby food

Adventuring beyond purées, and into stage 2 baby foods, the introduction of new textures, spices and soft pieces of things to taste.  Broccoli Apple Coconut Oil is a perfect recipe for little foodies. Baby is now prefering little pieces of just about anything she can get her tiny hands around, especially if it’s something we are eating.  She looks right at you, big eyes following that bite from your hand to.. Read More

Baby Fruit Salad

Tiny chopped pieces of fresh fruits for Baby!  I’ve been keeping a little reusable Tupperware container in my purse, and filling it with easy snacks for baby Fynlie. Usually Happy Baby superfood puffs that come in fun flavors like sweet potato-carrot, kale-spinach-apple, and blueberry-purple carrot.  There’s not much too them as far as calories, so I use them for more of a distraction tool.  Anyway, we ran out of puffs.. Read More