Spinach Crunch Taco

IMG_1678-0.JPG Love concocting something from nothing! Here is one of those fantabulous recipes that came about when the kitchen was down to the classic college best of condiments and an empty pickle jar. Well, ok not that bad, but pretty empty on cooking standards. Staring at the sparse shelves of my open fridge, hungry and not really wanting to tackle the grocery at the after work hour, this is what developed. And it’s vegetarian (high-5 me!), vegan if you sub dairy-free cheese or cancel it all together. To go Gluten-Free, use corn tortilla, Paleo take out the chips and tortilla or opt for a grain-free addition like cauliflower tortillas, or plantain tortillas look awesome, or maybe eggplant tortillas. Either way you like, it will be healthy and definitely delicious!

Tortilla Wrap of your choice (or not)
Mozzarella (or other cheese)
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Blue Corn Tortilla Chips (or not)
Opt: Shredded Carrots

1. Top tortilla with cheese and warm in a pan, toaster over, broiler, open fire….just until cheese melts
2. Spread Hummus everywhere
3. Layer chips on half
4. Layer sliced cucumbers on other half
5. Top with spinach and sprouts
6. Fold, bite, chew, smile, repeat.


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