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Vanlife Log: Broke Down Sprinter in Winter

Vanlife Log, day 8. The Van didn’t start for three days.  We’ve had some minor trouble with starting the van in the past, but never for longer than a day.  Being broke down in the snowy weather of Colorado winter is a different kind of trouble.  This is the most cold I have ever experienced.  A broke down Sprinter in winter is not a good time. Each night the temperatures.. Read More

Vanlife Log : How to Snowboard with Baby on Board

Vanlife Log. Day 6. We have been trying to figure out how to snowboard with baby on board for over a year now.  None of what we have learned is perfect, but it is possible.  You can snowboard as a new parent.  You can snowboard with baby on board! Here is how we ride…. 5 Ways to Snowboard with Baby on Board Option 1: As a Family My personal favorite,.. Read More

Vanlife Log : Camper Van Fireplace Test Run

Vanlife Log. Day 5. It is 6 degrees in the morning hours of Copper Mountain.  That seems like a good time to test out our new camper van fireplace.  We worked on installing the Dickinson Marine Newport solid fuel heater, all the way until the day we embarked on this trip.  The install is now complete, but there was no time left to give the fireplace a test run.  .. Read More

Vanlife Log : Dog Boarding Tips for Travelers

Vanlife Log. Day 3. For our first major stop, we are headed to Copper Mountain, CO to enjoy a few days of snowboarding with friends.  We will be taking the Vanlife indoors for a few days to a little VBRO vacation rental right by the lifts.  Unfortunately, this VBRO does not allow dogs, and we are a dog friendly caravan here.  So, we need to find some type of dog.. Read More

Vanlife Log : Vanlife Staycation

Vanlife Log, day 1.  The Van packed in disarray, we pulled out of our suburbian neighborhood to return to vanlife from a six month hiatus.  The sun streamed down in the high 70s, as if it had no idea we are in winter.  Our belongings bouncing about, we turned right, then left, and on towards the highway.  Vanlife staycation is fully in effect. Although I am a bit insane about.. Read More

Vanlife Log : Preface

Welcome to this new series of mini posts on Van Life, real time.  We are stoked to have you on our scenic route!  On the Van Life Log, you will find fresh up-to-date, daily (ish) little snippets of fun, and useful information, such as……… Quick Tips & Road Tricks Wifi Stats Good Local Food & Coffee Finds  Kid/ Baby Friendly Fun  Dog Friendly Fun Places to Sleep and Shower on.. Read More

DIY Van Conversion Pictures and Tutorials

DIY Van Conversion ideas

The ultimate DIY project for any adventure seeker is, by far, a DIY Van Conversion.  But, adventure seekers BEWARE! Converting a van yourself, is highly addictive.   Especially if you are an idea maker, a dreamer, or a perfectionist.  You may find there is always room for a design tweak, and new ideas for functionality keep coming.  But don’t let that detour you, because a DIY van conversion project can.. Read More

Pulled Bison Brisket with Onions and Peppers

Slow roasted pulled Bison brisket

Bison (Buffalo meat), is very lean in comparison to traditional red meat.  Even though it is becoming more popular and easier to find at many grocery markets, Bison is still considered wild game.  Because of their size, almost all Bison are raised to roam free, and are mostly grass-fed.  This makes them a great source of pure lean protein.   If you have not tried Bison, this Pulled Bison Brisket.. Read More

Smashed Avocado Toast

Easy Smashed avocado on toasted bread

For a simple morning fix or easy snack, Smashed Avocado Toast is undoubtedly impressive.  The preparation is pretty fail proof, getting a good avocado is where the deliciousness of your results may yield some variance. When picking avocados at the grocery, always seek avocados that are an all over solid color, without blemishes. Next you need to ask yourself, “Hey self, do I want to eat avocados now, or later?”.. Read More