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Vanlife Log: Eat, Sleep, Snow Jackson WY 

Jackson wy stuffed moose

Vanlife Log, day 22.  On the road to Jackson WY!  We had been winding in and out of the states of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming for hours.  We laughed as road signs continually welcomed us into the states.  “Oh, hey, we are in Idaho again”. Jackson Hole WY vs Jackson WY It’s all Jackson Hole.  Jackson Hole refers to a 48-mile long valley surrounded by mountain peaks,  and includes the.. Read More

Vanlife Log: Mountain Coffee Cabin

Vanlife Log, day 20.  We had been in and out of poor service for the last few hours.  I always check reviews on Yelp, prior to patroning any new establishment.  But, we needed coffee and this place looked like it would do the job.  Luckily, that was a good bet.   The Alpine Coffee Cabin was a super good find!  We would definitely stop again, if we find ourselves adventuring.. Read More

Vanlife Log: Park City Tacos

Park city Utah sunset

Vanlife Log, day 19. Leaving the warm open lands of western Colorado, we moved toward more snow covered terrain.  The sun had set, and baby was ready to be free of her car seat.  It was time to refuel and make a few travel decisions.  We made a pit stop for some Park City tacos.   Park City Tacos El Chubasco 1890 Bonanza Dr, Ste 115, Park City, UT  They.. Read More

Vanlife Log: Off-Grid West Colorado Blueberries

Vanlife Log, day 18.  Off-grid in the Adobes of way west Colorado, snow is on hills in the distance, but rarely sticks to the ground here. Sun shines, and warms you up by mid morning.  The air is still, and the only sounds are those of your own foot steps.  West Colorado is a good place to just take in a moment.   I look around at the calm dry.. Read More

Simple Orange Zest Biscuits with Honey Butter

Orange zest biscuits and honey butter

Spring is here, and bringing with it many rainy mornings.  These are the most perfect of all mornings for baking something warm and delicious.  We are visiting family, which gives me access to an oven.  While traveling in the van, I really miss baking.  When an opportunity for baking arises, I take it.  This morning, that opportunity is here with Orange Zest Biscuits.  (No complaints from the locals so far).. Read More

Vanlife Log: World’s Largest Hot Springs Pool

Glenwood springs worlds largest hot springs pool

Vanlife Log, day 16. Steam rises above the huge outdoor pools.  People sit, and wade sporadically around the warm waters.  Snow covered mountains make up the back drop in this beautiful Colorado experience.  This was an epic view to take in as we soaked in the natural healing waters of these mineral springs.  Glenwood Hot Springs claims to have the world’s largest hot springs pool, with a length of 405 feet!.. Read More

Vanlife Log : MPH vs KPH Calculation

Vanlife Log, day 14.  It’s 10 pm, the road is dark, and I’m tired.  Baby is sleeping, so we are trying to make up some road time.  This route has taken us uphill for what feels like forever.  The van is moving at a creepingly slow speed, due to how much gear we have it loaded down with.  (Skip to the bottom for MPH vs KPH Calculation) I became curious.. Read More

Vanlife Log: KOA Night Time Check-in and Burgers

Vanlife Log, day 12.  Since our near stranded escapade of the van not starting, we decided to move down to a lower elevation.  It was still cold, but we are talking 20 degrees cold, not zero degrees.  It almost felt warm.  Almost.  Living the Van Life in the cold is proving to be more challenging than we expected.   While we do have the wood burning fireplace inside the van, we.. Read More

Vanlife Log: How to always get FREE Late Check-Out 

Vanlife Log, day 10.  I may throw $20 on black, once in a blue moon if we are in a casino.  Although, I Wouldnt claim to be a gambler.  However, if you do join a casino’s Players Club, and spend some time gambling, you may end up with a few free things.  Our friend’s family dabbles in some casino time, and every year the casino sends them free nights to.. Read More

Vanlife Log: Freshen Up on Road Trips

Vanlife Log, day 9.  After driving long hours into the night, we woke up at another Truck Stop.  We were in another unmemorable town.  I bundled up, stepped out of the van into slushy ice, and shuffled myself to the restroom.  My purse stocked full of the standard tools needed to freshen up on road trips.   I had hopes that afterward, I would be filled with more positive energy… Read More