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San Simeon campground and Hearst Castle

San Simeon State Park is located 35 miles north of San Luis Obispo on Highway 1, and about 5 miles south of the historic Hearst Castle.  If you’re in for a road trip, this is a great little piece of history to check out, just 4 hours from San Francisco or Los Angeles.  A variety of castle tours are offered daily starting at 9am, with adult tickets starting at $25 and.. Read More

Highway 10 to California Roadtrip

Hours later I woke up at a gas station somewhere inside of El Paso. The iPad alarm, which had been set for 6:15, was repeatedly going off. It was now 6:45, meaning neither one of us had been consious enough to hear it for half an hour. The Husband’s eyes bloodshot from having been up at 5am the morning of the day before, and driving through to this morning. I.. Read More

The Story: Adventure in a Red Camper

Free Spirit Adventuring [verb]; to continually seek the the next new paradise, with no plan or exact destination in mind, but rather the experience of the adventure itself, for none other than the thrill of change and discovery of the unknown  The feel of being on the edge of discovering something new, living minimalistic for the experience instead of the stuff, this is where “good” is.  This is the Adventure.. Read More

Northern Nicaragua

In November/ December, Nicaragua is filled with lush greenery, as the wet season comes to an end, but its not quite  fully transitioned into the dry season.  Waves are smaller, but consistent, and you can often find the beaches all to yourself.  If you’re seeking A/C, hot running water, TV, or cell phone service, this is not your vacation.  Most places this way offer a different type of luxury.  Whether.. Read More

Nicaragua, a 1st visit to a 3rd world

Aeropuerto Internacional Managua, Nicaragua It is highly recommended not to fly in at dark, and not to accept rides from unmarked cabs when visiting Central America. I’m also told it is a good rule of thumb to know the language, and hide a little money in your shoe. However, to maximize our vacation time, we flew out directly after work that evening, and landed in Managua, Nicaragua at 11:08pm. We.. Read More